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Registration for the 1Frame competition is now open!


  • FIV will accept any type of static digital images, like drawing, engraving, painting, illustration, photography, collage, composition, 2D or 3D rendering format, as long as they are produced and suitable for the building;

  • Submit your application using the form below until August 12th;

  • The topic is free, however projects that show the intention to promote the political and religious propaganda, philosophical ideologies that have a sectarian or discriminatory character, that condone crime and violence, that incite any type of discrimination or prejudice, including race, ethnicity, color, origin, gender, sexual and generational orientation, are prohibited;

  • The selected works will be presented before the videos and there will be prizes for the three big winners (R$450, R$200 and R$150)*;  the aforementioned winners will be evaluated by the Festival's jury;

  • The artist declares himself responsible for the copyright of the work he submits.


*fees and taxes to be applied

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